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Great individual attention to all kids!
Deciding to keep my kid in Private Kindergarten at Kids R Kids was very easy...as soon as I learnt that it would be run by Ms. Hampton. She knew my kid inside out during Pre-K. My kid loves her! During Kindergarten, I could not give too much time at home towards my kid's studies, but found my kid growing and learning beautifully! I owe it all to Ms. Hampton! Ms. Hampton pays great attention (individual) to all kids. I saw that the other kids loved her too! She is very encouraging and patient with the kids. I have thoroughly enjoyed sending my kids to this Private Kindergarten. Very good and solid foundation. Covered extensive topics. I wish Ms. Hampton and Kids R Kids all the best and thank you!
Mrs. Akella
We love Kids R Kids!
Right from the reception lobby to the classrooms, everyone is awesome! Online coverage helps us stay connected to our kid continuously. Good security, variety of food choices (for Vegetarians too)! Fun activities, variety of programs for the parents (and family) to connect with. We love Kids R Kids. Advita is learning a lot. Kids R Kids is her second home and it means so much to us.
Saranya & Ranganathan
You Can't Put a Price Tag on Exceptional Care!
The Brigger Family loves Kids R Kids so much that we have all three of our kids enrolled in the Academy! Our oldest is 10 and has been there since he was 3, our middle son, 7, has been there since he was 1, and our daughter, 3, started out there at 6 weeks old. We couldn’t have found a better place to have our children during the day while we are gone to work and knowing they are being cared for so wonderfully. The staff is amazing, the facility is convenient and clean, and my kids love it. Knowing that my children are getting exceptional child care is definitely something you cannot put a price tag on. Thank you Kids R Kids for being such an outstanding learning academy.
K. Brigger
Private Kindergarten Success!
My husband and I are proud to have our son be part of the first ever Private Kindergarten Class at Kids R Kids of Springboro. We decided this amazing opportunity was a fantastic way for Carter to begin his lifelong journey as a student. The amount of time dedicated to their studies and individualized attention he receives adds to the many reasons we know we made the right choice! In the first three months, he has become an amazing reader and mathematician. We are overjoyed with the progress he has made with his writing. With this much progress, we cannot wait to see where the program is able to take him! Thank you so much to Ms. Hampton, Mrs. Curry, Mrs. Frame and the rest of Kids R Kids for making his first year of formal education special!
H. Sherwood
I am SO incredibly thankful for Kids R Kids!
My son Jordan was born in January of 2013. I knew we would need daycare as we both work full-time. Prior to his birth, I did a lot of research and I must have visited over 10 different daycares. I was very nervous about putting him in daycare because no one in my family had any experience in daycare. My mom worked when I was growing up, but she always had family around to watch us, I did not have this option. It was hard because most people only have negative things to say about daycare. When I first visited Kids R Kids, I was already impressed because they were so nice and so very helpful in easing my mind. I held off on choosing them simply because it was slightly inconvenient to where we lived, so I kept hunting. After searching and becoming more and more frustrated, we decided that even for the little inconvenience, it was worth it because it was the only daycare that I felt comfortable with and got a good vibe. I was so incredibly nervous leaving him for the first day, but his teachers were AMAZING! They told me I could call and check on him at any time, they listened to all of my concerns and were actually interested in learning anything I felt they needed to know about him. Each day it grew easier and easier leaving him simply because I knew he was in GREAT hands. His teachers cared for him like he was one of their own. They had so much experience and being a first time mom, they were SO helpful to me in giving advice and even answering some of my questions. He loves going to daycare and I am SO incredibly thankful for Kids R Kids because I am able to go to work and be at complete ease because I know he is being taken care of. They have taught him so much and I think he is a happier baby. I had such fear about sending my son to daycare, but I can't say enough great things about Kids R Kids because they have made this experience so wonderful for all of us. One of the MAJOR reasons I also love Kids R Kids is the WatchMeGrow Cameras, that is one of the best features about this daycare. I am comfortable with him being there everyday, but it also helps to know that at any time during the day, I can check in on him. I have had such an amazing experience at Kids R Kids and I tell people all the time how lucky I am to have found such a great daycare for my son. The slight inconvenience in location means nothing to us because I am happy and content. They have made this experience so positive and reassuring and I wish all first-time moms could have this same experience with daycare. We love Kids R Kids and I can't express how thankful I am for all those who help take care of my son!!
A. Williams
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